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Winter Series

Leigh & Lowton SC, home to the biggest dinghy winter series in the UK!

2011/12 Winter Series Dates
Guy Fawkes Pursuit – 6 November, Opi start 12:40pm
Revett Open Series – 10 races, 2 per day, 13 Nov – 11 Dec, midday start
Tipsy Icicle Open Series – 22 races, 2 per day, 8 Jan – 18 March, midday start

The 2011/12 programme starts on Sunday 6th November with the Guy Fawkes Pursuit race and completes on 18th March 2012 after the UK’s biggest dinghy winter series the Tipsy Icicle.

Winter sailing begins with the annual Guy Fawkes Pursuit Race on 6th November 2011, open to monohull dinghies under 21’ (6.4metres) in length from the Optimist through to 49ers (yes, they have entered in the past). The galley will be open from about 11.00am onwards for the whole event with the Optimists taking to the water at about 12.40pm. (Spare a little sympathy for them, they’ll be on the water for almost 3 hours but not too sympathetic, they have won winter pursuits at the club in the recent past.) Starts are then staggered according to the individual dinghy Portsmouth Yardstick handicap. The finish gun will go at 3.30pm with positions being determined by finish boats moving through the fleet.

Following this, the Revett Series starts on Sunday 13th November with two races each Sunday starting at midday and lasts for five weeks. Fleets sailed with separate starts will be Asymmetric, Handicap and Lasers however, prizes will be awarded to juniors, Solos and any other class with more than 5 qualifying entrants.

A further pursuit race will take place on New Years Day (12:40 opi start). First place receives £100 1st Mark Voucher!

On the 8th January the much anticipated UK’s Biggest Winter Series, the Tipsy Icicle, will start and run for 11 weeks ending on the 18th March. Fleets again will consist of Asymmetric, Handicap and Lasers with prizes for juniors and other classes.

Visitors can pay on a week by week basis or pay for a full series. Entry fees are £10 per day for adult double handers, £5 for single handers, £8 for junior double handers and £4 for junior single handers. Visitors paying for the full series are welcome to leave their boats at the club for the duration of that series. Full series fee’s are £70 per person including 3 pursuit races and 16 Sundays and £50 for juniors.



Winter Series Sailing Instructions

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