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Theory Courses - First Aid

Theory Courses RYA One Day First Aid Course

In order to receive recognition from the RYA, we are required to have qualified instructors and coaches, and the proper facilities and safety measures in place. The RYA carries out an annual inspection of the Training Centre to ensure standards are maintained. Currently the club runs some of these courses each year and places are available to members – existing or new, but not to non-members. Beginners do not need their own boat, as the club provides suitable boats for the introductory courses.

In addition to the formal training above, from time to time guest coaches are invited to run courses on boat tuning, racing tactics, and race officer training. The club also offers its facilities to various RYA coaches to run Regional Squad training for junior competitors.

For more information or to take part in one of our various training courses please contact,

John Kelly - Principal of the Training Centre

phone: 01617 947578

Email: jbk@charnock11.freeserve.co.uk

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