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Duty Rota

Duties help and support the smooth running of club racing.

If you have requested your duty as Rescue Assistant then please check that your name is listed on the left hand side of the duty rota and inform me by email if it is missing (coxrota@ymail.com). If your email address is registered then you should be able to add your own duty. If not then let me have your preferred dates making sure they are free by observing the colour of the box at the top – red is available, green is allocated. Thanks Mike Dean

We have a change to the duty system which we hope will help people to fulfil their duties and support the club in providing its club racing programme. Seven members have agreed to take on the role of ‘Duty Captains’. In this role they will co-ordinate the duty rota for a specific series during the summer racing. They have been allocated a group of people for their series and this group will provide the OOD’s, AOD’s during those races. The Duty Captains are: Mike Dean (Rescue Assistants), Olive Connor (Saturday Series), Kaye Tickle (Spring Sunday Series), Olive Connor (Wednesday Series), Duncan Cottam (Early Summer Sunday Series), Martin Parker (Late Summer Sunday Series) and Dave Kelsall (Autumn Sunday Series). They will be contacting everyone in their group to organise this rota and I ask everyone to support their Duty Captain in this role by turning up at the club when asked. When we join the club we agree to support the club activities in a minimal way by providing support to the racing two or three times a year and it is important that this support continues. Thanks Paul Allen


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