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The First Round of the Intermediate

The first round of the Intermediate ‘OpTopOlympics’ was held today in wet, but not too windy, conditions.

A square course was set, single lap races, no handicap (yet). Harvey made a blistering start in the first race, and set the pace for the whole lap, the youngest sailor had obviously been paying most attention on the camp. Flukey conditions at the top marks caused difficulty for the others, which made the wind difficult to read. Everyone was off the line together in the second race and it was nip and tuck all around the course. Sophie won the beat and led to the finish. Tom had half a leg over the other Oppies by the first reach, but they were locked together again by the end of the run, and it all came down to the beat to the line, which Harvey won with some good pointing. Hannah missed female ‘Oppie’ company, and missed a party, so was ‘down on motivation’! With a waterfight after sailing and some singing in the showers, everyone had had a good time.

Race 1 – 1st Harvey (Op), 2nd Sophie (Top), 3rd Aaron (Op), 4th Tom (Op), 5th Hannah (Op)

Race 2 – 1st Sophie, 2nd Harvey, 3rd Aaron, 4th Tom, 5th Hannah (DNS)

Series positions:

=1st Harvey, 3 pts

=1st Sophie, 3 pts

3rd Aaron, 6 pts

4th Tom, 8 pts

5th Hannah, 11 pts

Six results to count (worst two results or a no-show can be discarded).

Prizes for series winners and for most entertaining moments. Tom’s winning in the entertainment stakes, in the best singer category, on the water and in the showers!

Thanks to Chris and Jonathan for helping out on the safety boat, sorry about the damp Porsche seats!

It would be great if all Intermediates can make it to at least one of the Rounds, it’s a good social gathering.


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